what is deep imagery


This therm expresses more aspects. It is a process of deep imagination and as well it is a place in us that we enter through using deep imagination path. It is a place of knowing within us – just like another sense, another way of understanding life.

It is a way of dealing with difficult and traumatic life situations from the past and present. As well it is a way of selfgrowth. This terapeutic approach is oriented first on the body, feelings and emotions and only second on understanding by our mind.

More than 30 years ago ELIGIO STEPHEN GALLEGOS, developed a special method of active imagination that he called The Personal Totem Pole Process® – a means of Deep Imagery. Since then he developed this method of self transformation further and taught it worldwide. The term „Deep Imagery“ gets the essence of the work to the heart: it leads us into a deep knowing about our innermost selves.

DEEP IMAGERY is a unique blend of three different aspects.
❉  The theory of active imagination, which was deveoped by Dr. C.G. Jung
❉  The Eastern theoretical orientation which understands the human being as a system of interrelated energies or chakras
❉  The Native American practice of speaking to and learning from the animals

Deep Imagery offers the possibility to JOURNEY INTO THE INNER REALMS and meet an animal in each CHAKRA or energy center. The condition of the chakra is reflected by the particular animal and its circumstances. In some cases an animal is seen to be caged or injured which indicates that the energy is not as free or as healthy as it should be. In others the strength and stability of the chakra is evident. When all the CHAKRA ANIMALS have been reached they are brought into a council in which they work toward each others growth and health. In doing so they typically raise painful memories which the person had forgotten about. The animals know which issues are ready to be confronted. They offer us their support and guide us lovingly to these old injuries, knowing how to heal and integrate them.

Not only to chakras we can travel into but in body polarities, into dreams, illnesses or situations and with help of inner guides we can release trauma energy held in tissues of the body and go through emotions and feelings that were not processed in the past. This work supports and accelerates our inner growth, maturity and healing. 

”I am deeply touched by the way the chakra animals behave. They seem to know our inner dimensions and get informations that neither I nor my clients have. They know in which pace the therapy should happen and act in a subtle and skillful way. Furthermore they are very humorous. They are the smartest therapists I ever met. Not only do they worry about the person’s healing but also about finding their wholeness.“ Stephen Gallegos

Core issues of the method are CAUTIOUSNESS AND DEEP RESPECT, nevertheless it is amazingly efficient. It allows a personal development towards independence, vitality and self love and opens doorways to inner wisdom beyond other people’s suggestions or opinions. This underlines an important difference to other forms of therapy. The attitude as a guide requires respect and alertness. A person has all the WISDOM INSIDE. The animals guide us back to our original ower and lost wholeness. Healing happens from inside out, in its own pace.