TRAINING IN DEEP IMAGERY  for Czech and Slovak Republic

It prepares you to guide individuals in the Personal Totem Pole Process®


In order to gain the capacity of guiding Deep Imagery journeys in an appropriate way it is essential to get to know your injuries and shadows and to heal or transform them. Therefore the FOCUS IS ON YOUR OWN PROCESS.
The diversity within the group is often a catalyst for causing individual reaction patterns. With the help of the animals it is possible to explore their origins and transform them. Your growing and healing provide the foundation upon which the QUALITY OF YOUR GUIDING is dependent.

Training offers very intense self-experiencing and at the same time high tutorial standard. There is enough space and time assured for an individual process of every participant. This is possible only in a small group of 12-15 people. This setting is unique and exclusive.

The key to learn this method is to surrender totally to your own healing process in a profound and serious, sometimes even playful way in relationship with the animals. Respect for the animals and for the individual being guided are essential precepts. This is based on non- intrusion on the part of the guide and on knowing how to recognize when you have been snagged by the journeyer’s process and what to do on such occasions.

The training takes THREE YEARS in a group of maximum 15 participants. Each year consists of three modules of four days each (one module is always Wednesday to Sunday). It is 36 full seminar days. Consistency and stability of the group is fundamental. Therefore continuity and the willingness to engage in deep processes during the three years are a fundamental requirement for participating.

The training in Deep Imagery is acknowledged by a CERTIFICATE of the International Institute for Visualization Research (USA).