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Trainer: Raffaella Mayana Romieri –

4th NEW training starts September 14 – 18, 2022 – registration OPEN!!

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– continuity and the willingness to engage in deep processes
– previous experience in Deep Imagery (participation in at least two seminars or three guided journeys in individual setting)
– previous experience in working with people
– previous experience on your own path of self-awareness
– the willingness and ability to act on one’s own responsibility

– chakra animals and council
– animals of the 4 ways of knowing (thinking, senses, feeling and imagination) and council
– animals of the senses (see, hear, smell, taste, touch)
– journeys into dreams and polarity work
– relationship journeys of two people

We work both in the large circle of the entire group as well as in groups of two to practice and explore the own guiding quality.  Judgement-free feedback forms the important basis for learning through experience.

during the entire training in between the individual modules:
At least two meetings of the trainees in two-person settings to practice the guidance and deepen one’s own process while journeying (Skype / phone possible).

1. year: Additionally at least 6 own journeys in individual settings guided by certified Deep Imagery guides

2. + 3. year: Additionally at least 6 own journeys in individual settings guided by certified Deep Imagery guides and at least 8 guidances of a single person including documentation

Participation in the training is confirmed at the end of the third year with a certificate from the International Institute for Visualization Research (USA).

The nine training modules, which take place over the course of three years, form a unit. Continuity and the willingness to engage in deep processes over three years are a prerequisite for participation in the training. The individual parts build on each other – a continuous participation is indispensable for the unfolding of the own growth process. If the participation in one of the modules is not possible, three individual sessions with the trainer must be carried out (also possible via Skype) before continuing the participation in the next module. In addition, proof of two individual guidances of other trainees must be provided. This absence is possible once in the whole training. Individual approach in each case.

The training takes place with a minimum number of participants of 14 persons. If the minimum number is not reached, the beginning of the training shifts to the date of the 2nd module (Feb. 2020).

Czech Republic, nice seminar house.

seminar fee per year € 1.700

plus board & lodging (cca 800-900 CZK/day)

For Registration Form write to

We ask you to write a letter of application (in English or German) where you can tell us mainly about your motivation – why you want to be trained as a Deep Imagery guide.  Add your personal experiences of working with people, how you feel in this world with family, friends, job. Your dreams and visions. And eventually issues or problems, past unsolved experiences you would like to explore deeper. Information you give us are private and only for the trainer.
Send the completed form and the letter of application via post to the address stated in the form. You will receive the confirmation of your registration and the account number for the advance payment via e-mail. After we receive your advance payment your registration is valid.

With the registration you pay advance payment € 400. This payment will be deducted from your last payment of seminar fee.

The year seminar fee is due 2 months before the start of each training year. With 5% extra is possible to spread the year seminar fee into 3 payments, due to pay is 1 month before every course. This option you need to consult with the organizer in advance.
Requirements of cancellation: In case of cancellation within three months before start of the training we will refund the advance payment minus a handling fee of € 80. In case of later cancellation the full training fee is due.