First training deep imagery in Czech Republic

TRAINING in Czech and Slovak Republic


Method developed by psychologist and psychotherapist Ph.D. Stephen Gallegos (USA).


It is a way of dealing with difficult and traumatic life situations from the past and present. As well it is a way of selfgrowth. This terapeutic approach is oriented first on the body, feelings and emotions and only second on understanding by our mind.

Training DEEP IMAGERY – THE PERSONAL TOTEM POLE PROCESS® takes you on an intensive journey of getting known who you truly are and enables you with skills and abilities to guide others. You become a certified Deep Imagery guide.

Training offers very intense self-experiencing and at the same time high tutorial standard. There is enough space and time assured for an individual process of every participant. This is possible only in a small group of 12-15 people. This setting is unique and exclusive.

Feel welcome!