First training deep imagery in Czech Republic

FIRST TRAINING in Czech Republic


Method developed by psychologist and psychotherapist Ph.D. Stephen Gallegos (USA).

It is a way of dealing with difficult and traumatic life situations from the past and present. As well it is a way of selfgrowth. This terapeutic approach is oriented first on the body, feelings and emotions and only second on understanding by our mind.

Gallegos was greatly inspired by the work and approch of native Amaricans, therefore this technique is called The Personal Totem Pole Process.® Totem pole here represents individual CHAKRAS – energy centers of our body and these centers are connected with different areas of our life. It is complex approach to human being and gives us back what we often lost – integrity, wholeness and inner authority. The term „Deep Imagery“ gets the essence of the work to the heart: it leads us into a deep knowing about our innermost selves.

DEEP IMAGERY is a unique blend of three different aspects.

❉  The theory of active imagination, which was deveoped by Dr. C.G. Jung
❉  The Eastern theoretical orientation which understands the human being as a system of interrelated energies or chakras
❉  The Native American practice of speaking to and learning from the animals

Training DEEP IMAGERY – THE PERSONAL TOTEM POLE PROCESS® takes you on an intensive journey of getting known who you truly are and enables you with skills and abilities to guide others. You become a certified Deep Imagery guide.

The training in Deep Imagery is acknowledged by a CERTIFICATE of the International Institute for Visualization Research (USA).

Training offers very intense self-experiencing and at the same time high tutorial standard. There is enough space and time assured for an individual process of every participant. This is possible only in a small group of 8-12 people. This setting is unique and exclusive.

Feel welcome!