Every year sin17097935_1284320841604259_6321414094424540259_oce 1990 the IIVR has held a Festival of The Animals. It is a gathering of the community to celebrate the work of the Personal Totem Pole Process®. It is a time to meet old friends and to make new ones; a time to try new workshops; to laugh, grow and to have fun.

Friday 30. June – Tuesday 4. July 2017

start: 06:00 pm, end: 13.00 pm, Gut Frohberg, Schönnewitz 9, 01665 Käbschütztal (next to Dresden), Germany
registration http://deepimagery.net/events/shop

10 GOOD REASONS to join the Festival 2017 

•be part of the internationally growing Deep Imagery community
•deepen your Deep Imagery experience
•connect with and get inspired by Deep Imagery practicioners and workshop leaders from all over the world
•having space for different journeys, your own creativity and your inner growing
•expirience yourself as workshop leader
•having a lot of fun
•celebrate together our beings and our lives
•meet old friends and make new ones
•getting to know new landscapes and animals, inside and outside of you
•… and of course: BREATHING INTO A NEW WORLD!

Workshops, usually 3 hours in length, take place both morning and afternoon. All the workshops have some element of deep imagery involved. The morning workshops tend to be mainly a time to journey while afternoon workshops can often have a combination of Imagery and crafts.

The workshops are offered voluntarily by participants of the Festival and you will find workshops offered by very experienced Workshop Leaders and by newcomers, trying out a new workshop or idea. It is a chance to explore new topics, offer new workshops, test skills or simply return to old and successful workshops that mean a lot to attendees.

include food, all workshops and Festival-T-Shirts

Early Bird (until 21.3.2017)
€425 Single room
€375 Double room, shared, pp
€300 Dorm room, more than 2 to a room, per person
€275 Camping. pp

Full Price
€480 Single room
€410 Double
€325 Dorm
€290 Camping

until 3 years: free
4-10 years: € 130,-
11-14 years: € 170,-
15-18 years: € 210,-

Please bring to the festival
•A present or a donation for the silent auction (e.g. jewellery, books, T-shirts, ritual objects, nice things etc.) Auction proceeds are used solely for training scholarships.
•rain jacket, hiking boots
•warm clothes for outdoor workshops
•music instruments
•camping mat or other underlayment